Network Security

Firewall Solutions

Your firewall is the foundation of your network security. It is vital that your Firewall hardware and software matches your business requirements and provides an appropriate level of security. Progressive IT works with a range of leading Firewall suppliers with a wide range of applications to ensure we have a solution that will meet your businesses needs.

Anti-spam Systems

The ever increasing levels of SPAM business are now subjected to results in significant costs for New Zealand Businesses. The impact ranges from excessive internet billings through to server overload and days of decreased productivity. Progressive IT provide Anti Spam solutions that are customized for your business including but not limited to email applications, internet service tailoring and implementation of specific Anti-Spam software.

Virus Protection

A well-planned Anti-Virus solution is critical to any network. Anti-Virus solutions form the foundation for protection against virus attacks, and with Progressive IT solutions also include anti-spy ware functionality. Progressive IT works with a range of leading Anti-virus providers to prevent infections, manage outbreaks, quarantine files and shut down specific processes. With a Progressive IT Anti-Virus solution, you can be sure that devices on your network are updated with the most current pattern files available.