Business Continuity Solutions

In today’s business environment, it is critical for any organisation to have a Business Continuity & Recovery plan, but many companies don’t. Theft, fire and flood can cost a business thousands of dollars, but often biggest cost is the resulting loss of business. Many businesses would never fully recover from a disaster if they are crippled for long enough to start losing customers.

Progressive IT makes Business Continuity & Recovery easy and accessible, by doing everything for you. You pay a fixed monthly price, and all the risk is outsourced and managed.

Progressive IT will work with your organisation to develop an entirely outsourced and managed service, which includes an initial consultation to implement a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan; through to arranging for the recovery planning for critical server environments; secure offsite storage; daily environment backup and verification to ensure the image has been backed up to tape or disk.

Progressive IT will also be available in the event of a disaster to assist with all your businesses recovery needs.